Saturday, August 21, 2010

Special Saturday

So its pretty exciting because today we are doing my favorite room of the house. If you guessed my bedroom then great job! Lets get started.
Very creative wall decals, I love them.
These just might be the sheets on my bed. Wake up and smell the roses!
Such a vibrant and pretty pillow, would definitely make it into my house.
If I cold have it my way, I would paint an entire wall in chalk board paint.
Love a pair of these too.
Wouldn't you love a little canopy like this, or a secret hide out! this is incredible.
A nice and big, rather majestic bed. love it, i think I'd feel like royalty. Wouldn't you?
I want this!
So I want to see whats in YOUR dream room. Do a blog response and link it in the comments. You'd make my day! :)



  1. I love that bed!

    I think my room would have oceany stuff. Like pictures, blue theme, and lots of seashells and sea glass!

  2. I totally did this a while ago. Link below. I started with the bedroom because that's totally the most important room to me. I love, love, love that hid-out/loft bed idea you posted. I was totally thinking something liket that for my future kid's room.


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