Monday, August 23, 2010

three's a very magical number!

Wow three posts in one day! I think its a record, but this last one ( i promise) is an important one.
so listen up kids. I hope you like the new layout! after attempting the monster of HTML code not only once but twice, it worked. And this is what I get!
So tell me, do ya like it?

This post feels weird without a picture!
I think I shall add one.
Of course it would be of a quail! what you thought it would be something important? well quails are very important!

Talk to you through the computer tomorrow, my friends


p.s. any bloggers out there having a difficult time with this new and updated poster? (If that makes any sense) I just cant STAND it!

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  1. quails are indeed important, but only because they have a feather antenna.


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