Thursday, August 12, 2010

we're back!

So I'm back! oh it was so much fun, especially the vintage store.
Here are some pictures from our journey.
This whirly chair was just to cute!
A clowny face for a clowny outfit :)
Sadly I didnt buy anything and neither did my girl friend but a fun day non the less.
So now I need your help yet AGAIN. As some of you may know I am going on a road trip tomorrow and Im not 100% positive that I'll be able to blog. So how would you suggest that I do a guest blogger? I dont want to give away my password or anything like that. Anyone have any ideas?

Its not for sure that I wont have Internet access but just in case you know!
you help is much appreciated.


  1. That chair is super cute!! lol

  2. I'm not sure about the guest blogger thing. Is there a way on blogspot to add a fellow blogger? Or temporarily have a different password?

    Welcome back!

  3. When I had a guest blogger on my blog, I just asked them to email me their post, and then I posted it. Hope this helps.
    I like the first dress. lol.



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