Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Crazy Things You Did When You Were Little!

A bit of childhood memories and nostalgia to make you smile
Just a few things that will make you say "Oh I remember that!"
The total truth behind pinky promises! You did NOT mess with a pinky promise!
With such a tiny nose, you could still manage to stick just about anything up there. And some how manage to also get it stuck!
Light-up shoes made you the COOLEST kid on the block!
Building forts, and playing house!
Your major array of teddy bears, all with their own names and special clothes!
The solution to boredom? Crayons! A magical unicorn, a princess, a prince, countless hours of fun!
Hope I could make you smile, and take you back to when you were a little tike!


  1. I used to build forts all the time! :)
    Oh, BTW, I saw this link today, and thought of you:

  2. Even if i was raised part in Ny and part in Sicily i totally agrre with you, forts and playing house was awsome!And having light up shoes?
    When i moved to sicily at 7 i was the only one who had these shoes,OMG!
    I still love crayons,but i never really like teddy bears i just had my snoopy doll(that i still have after 25 years!)

    See ya Xoxo


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