Thursday, September 2, 2010

i have a....

confession. i want a journal or a diary. like this one ^
Whenever I think of a diary or journal, I seem to always wind up at the same place. A journal is a place for complaining and whining. OR they are to talk about little crushes.But I think it would be nice to right down a few things that happened that day, maybe in point form. Since, of course, I am a list maker.
Another thing. I don't know how to start.
Dear Diary? Do I give my journal a name? Dear.....Lola? Or do I even have to start with the same thing every time. What? is there diary etiquette?
(I really like this one)
Maybe if I started one, it would be a grateful book. Right down ten things I'm grateful every night before I go to bed!
Anyone out there have a non-whiny journal?
Of course, I don't want to 'put down' the bad parts of life, or not record them, because they are important. But I don't want a book full of the bad things that happened. No drama.
this reminds me. I haven't art journalled in a long time!

p.s. i would want a lock on mine! :)
feels weird but this is kind of hard to admit. I don't know why


  1. Hey, thanks for the post on my blog! I just went through all of your DIY and I love them all. I really want to make a tee shirt scarf.

    In a few weeks I am having a week long blog event with guest bloggers and diy. It would be awesome if you wanted to do a diy as a guest blog! I would need it by sept 12th.

    Let me know.

  2. So, this is kind of personal, but that's okay. My brother died in a tragic accident this summer at the young age of 17. Like many 17 year olds his friends knew him better than his family. Because he kept journals, we have been able to go through them have gotten to know him better than we could have hoped. His journals includes thoughts on school, religion, girls, bug events, wonderings, random thoughts, excerpts and notes from favorite books, art, sketches, song lists, etc. You name it, it was in there. Before his death I didn't journal much because I wasn't sure what kind of journal I wanted and was scared it wouldn't turn out right. Since, I have learned you just have to do it. It is SO invaluable! So just start, do grateful lists sometimes, complaints, something that made you happy randomly, random thoughts. You won't regret it!

  3. Also, don't wait to share. I know not all entries are shareable, but if you write about a great vacation scan ut and email it to the people you were with. Send memories of family to your family while they can share it with you.

  4. Natalie. I am so deeply sorry, about your brother. :( I have never lost anyone, and cant even imagine. Your comment has definitley confirmed that I am going to be starting a journal. Thanks for the reminder,. sending your posts to family and friends is a great idea. Or even just giving them the link!
    thanks again :) your amazing

  5. I love journaling. Yes i sometimes tend to complain too. Some times its just good to get your feelings out. If you don't want that kind of journal, there are different kinds of journals. Gratitude journals,etc.
    Here's a cute diary i found with a lock.

    Good luck!

  6. the best thing to do is to just write...write anything that comes to mind as often as possible. the little things that don't seem important at the time will be 10 times more interesting in a years time.

    my problem is i have too many different journals

  7. Me! I try not to bash people... I always feel guilty doing it no matter how secret my journal may be. Complaining is one thing, bashing is another. I did get a new journal for starting it up again, and I really missed it. Especially using metallic gel pens and cute notebooks.


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