Thursday, September 9, 2010

{inspiration} autumn

you say "autumn" i say "oh baby." I love autumn. the colors the flavors and the smells, i love it all.
this color is simply amazing. love the rich cinnamon-y-ness! modcloth.
what a pretty charcoal coat. modcloth
i must say, apple cider is my favorite drink, now that I think about it. Other than water of course. flickr
thick and chunky scarfs! love love love! weheartit. or cowls too!
oh the leaves! probably the prettiest thing about autumn! weheartit
totally cute slipper boots! especially when you have a matching dog! flickr. I have some like the blue ones see!
pretty similar eh?
do you feel inspired?


  1. I love Autumn! Those leaves are so beautiful, I wsih the leaves turned pretty colors here, but where we live, they pretty much just turn brown and fall off. ;)


  2. Autumn is my favorite I love it! The weather, the clothes, the leaves, the nights under the stars, the smell, the apple cider and apple pie haha love it all :)

  3. I love your slipper boots! I definately want a pair of those now! that picture of the tree is so beautiful!


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