Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I have been searching the big googley machine (google) for a really long time now, for this website I found and loved, but didn't bookmark or write down. So I'm thinking maybe you can help me find it, or if you've seen it send me the link in the comments.
So this one particular website was a tutorial.
It had something to do with markers, zip lock bags, a vintage camera effect and your digital camera.
Now I'm pretty sure that you color with your felt/marker in the zip lock bag and since the ink doesn't stick its watery which gives you a colorful filter. Which eventually creates a holga type vintage effect, when you put if over your lens and snap a picture.
So have you seen this?
comment, and follow! :)
p.s. woohoo! 36, is the magical number today. which is how many people are in the Perfect Pear family! welcome.


  1. Unfortunately, no. Wish i did, as it sounds really cool.

  2. this sounds really awesome! I wish I knew what website you were talking about. :/


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