Saturday, September 11, 2010

nothing is better!

are you ready for some great tunes (or tunage *Toon-aj* as my friend says)? of course you are. I cant believe i've been missing all this great indie music, listening to the 'same beat' kind of music. Nothing is better!

Im in love with Stornoway. Boats and Trains.

hmm two Stornoway songs in a row. I wonder what that means? I saw you blink!

oh little lion man, how I love you. mumford and sons!

i love the beginning of this song! don't LOVE this song by G.LOVE?

I love these lyrics!

I think this video is so cute. Matt Costa is adorable. :)

I love this song, thanks to Katelyn from The World is a Pearl. It's so..HAPPY!
hope I could make your ears happy! :)
Lovely Day

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