Thursday, September 30, 2010

One of the Things You Dont know About me....

, is my complete and utter love for techno. Yes, I said it! I love techno, as much as I express my love for indie and my good friends Stornoway and Mumford and Sons, I still LOVE techno.
For all you techno-ee's out there, here's my latest favorite song. Got to admit, this isn't too much techno, just a great remix of a favorite song of mine!

I have a reflex to keep clicking the repeat button :)
p.s. have you seen the contact note on the side!? email me! :) I love emails
p.p.s thanks Vanessa!


  1. hey lauren!so excited! i got your email and it did help-thanks! i made some blog buttons...check them out!;)

  2. ahahaha I love techno too! Just as much as I love indie :) Mumford and Sons are awesome! Great to see someone else has diverse taste in music :)

  3. Your blog always cracks me up! ;)


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