Saturday, September 25, 2010

a wee bit early!

Tomorrow I am going to be busy, doing a photo shoot with some of the girls! So I wanted to get the DIY in today, instead of waiting until monday!
You will need a flower board- I made this one, but you can buy them too-- some yarn, a needle and scissors!
1: To start put one end of the thread through the hole and tape it down.
2: Make figure (yes I am aware i spelt figure wrong) eights from the 1 and the 2. I did this three times on each round. Then skip to the next two.
3: Have both strings come to the back so you can tie it.
4: Thread your next color.
5: Come up through the back so the tail is at the back. Tape down if you wish to secure it.
6: Back stitch around each 'petal'
7: Now stitch through the middle in between each 'petal'
8: Lift up petals to release them! And voila! It now has so many possibilities, I put mine on a ring :) its pretty.

p.s. you should really check back tomorrow, new series beginning! so excited to share it with you! eek.

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