Sunday, October 10, 2010

DIY Roundup!

There wont be a DIY today, because I've got to do a few guest posts so I need to save the real good ones for those! BUT we cant have a Sunday without any DIY!
Surprisingly flickr has a lot of awesome tutorials, you just have to be willing to search!
I just love bows! This tutorial makes me really happy :)
p.s. please bare with me, I'm getting used to the new post editor!
So pretty and cute. Adorable Apple Coaster DIY
A really awesome tutorial for TRIANGLE granny squares (i guess I cant call them squares). check it out
I find these really quite adorable. you should make some!
I've always wanted to know how to join my granny squares, now I don't wonder anymore!
Oh so pretty! I could fall asleep in that blanket right now, with a nice hot cup of cinnamon tea! 

Well that should satisfy your DIY needs for a little while! Talk to you Later

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