Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Freebie by Me! Fabulous Floral!

Hi Everybody! Yesterday, I told you, I had something special to show you. Here it is. So before you start snooping away, let me just say a few words. ONE: I am no expert at all in Photo shop, I prefer Picnik! TWO: I hand painted this with water color and edited in photo shop! THREE: It took a long time so please be nice!
So I made some floral patterns, with water color/ Photo shop. You may use them however you like, just PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE link it back to my blog. I would like credit! To download them, click the picture and save the picture to your computer!
Purple! (this ones my favorite!)
GREEN! these remind me of Granny Smith apples, which I love!
To be honest I'm not entirely happy about how they turned out, but pretty good for a first time! Gotta start somewhere!


  1. love the colorful one, they are all pretty! thanks for sharing!

  2. super pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the green ones! Great job Lauren!! ooh, how cute would these be, printed out and made as the earring tutorial you made? :)

    xo, Katie


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