Monday, October 25, 2010

{inspiration} Weddings!

There's something just SO magical about weddings. I just cant figure it out, maybe these pictures will help me and you! (that is if you cant figure it out too)
gorgeous hair, with pretty things in it! source
Cutest thing ever! source

stunning dresses, that would make me feel like a princess, or maybe even a queen! source source
And my girlfriends absolute FAVORITE! its so gorgeous! source
pretty! :) source
so whats so magical about weddings? you tell me!

p.s. thank my bestie, for this awesome Inspirational post idea! you rock em!
p.p.s. 77 followers! yeehaw! its so lovely to see the Perfect Pear Family grow!


  1. i love the dress with the heart in the back :)!
    This post was total cuteness <3

  2. Wedding are so wonderful aren't they?! I kind of want to have another one just so i can go all out and do the things i forgot to do with my first two. (Yes I got married twice...but to the same amazing man! Third times a charm right?) haha.

    I hope you have a beautiful day!

  3. Wow i am so glad im not the only person who's under 20 and in love with wedding photos!
    Neat blog you have now your at 78 followers!
    Hope you will check mine out too!


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