Friday, October 22, 2010

Paint Photo Shoot! EEEK!

EEEK! totally super, extremely, crazily excited to show you these pictures! Like its unreal! Most of you know, that I've been wanting to do a paint photo shoot! I DID ONE!
This is one of my super awesome friends! emmy! :)
I love paint!
nerd glasses!
Usually I hold back on the pictures, don't overload you! But today, well, that's a different story!
p.s. I have an amazing recipe to share with you tomorrow!
thanks for reading, and being so lovely!


  1. The photo shoot turned out great! I love all the colors! And you girls look fabulous!

  2. You both look so cute. (And artistic.)

  3. These are so lovely lauren!! Looks like so much fun! haha.


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