Monday, October 11, 2010

Promo 4 Promo: Christine/ CkScribbles!

I'm so excited to do another promo 4 promo! I love reading and writing them!
Meet Christine!
 Christine is a insane hat maker! I especially love the massive pom poms, they make it 20 times better!
She also LOVEs to art journal, and I can see why! This page is a fabulous!
She's also got a beautiful blog and super swell header! I love it!
As far as 'likes' go the major ones are art journalling, sewing and crocheting! 
So go check her blog out! FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW!
Oh and she also likes glitter!


  1. her blog header is so awesome! ooh, and her crocheted hats are way cute!!

  2. aw! i was just about to write you and tell you i'm your newest follower!!! :) aaaand that i love your site... especially the post on arian armstrong. i may just blog about it {and Y.O.U}... if that's alright.


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