Thursday, October 7, 2010

Promo 4 Promo: Jenn

Yeay! i'm so happy I got so many lovely responses on the promo for promo! So starting at the top of the list, lets begin! I will do a dedicated post every other day!
Meet Jenn. She is a crazy crafter who loves colossal squids and velocoraptors (spelling?)! Neat!
She has two pets one being a bearded dragon named Rhyuu and a butterfly beta named Fishkeh!
In the crafting department she crochet's, sews, paints, sculpts, photoshops, draws and embroiders. How crafty right?
She also made this really awesome dragon,
So go visit her blog and leave some lovely comments! Follow too
p.s. remember you have to do a post too! :) this goes for all of you!
and remember you can still be a part of it!, just leave a comment here


  1. Yay! The first one is up! I look forward to reading the others

  2. Aww thanks! This is super sweet! I'm going to do yours tomorrow I think. :)


    Your post is up!


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