Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Promo 4 Promo: Natalie/ Whipped Cream on Top!

Everyone say hello to the oh so lovely and sweet...NATALIE! the great blogger behind Whipped Cream on Top
but, before I begin to tell you a bit about her, let me just say that.... . Natalie was my FIRST ever COMMENT on my blog! I was SO happy, i cant even explain it, but to give you an idea of how excited I was, I ran downstairs and did a little happy dance! thanks Natalie! :)
Alrighty, so on with the POST!
Natalie, is definitely one of THE funniest bloggers out there! Her sense of humour, comes through her blog so clear!
She makes REALLY pretty things, like this Autumn wreath! love love love it!
And she recently discovered her love for NUTELLA! which, i must say comes pretty close to being the best thing on earth!
Natalie, also loves vintage (I'm guessing, by this gorgeous bike) this is her new shwinnie, a forty year old, awesome bike!
So you should. like. check out her blog! no joke. :) its awesome!
p.s. take her survey, she's having a lamp dilemma!
p.p.s i just want everyone to know that I read ALL of your comments! even though I don't reply, on my blog, I try my best to reply on yours, if you have questions! but every comments it noted, and made me smile! <3


  1. Nutella really is very close to the best thing EVER! And I NEED that wreath!!!

  2. that wreath is beautiful! I'm going to have to visit her blog!

    xo, Katie

  3. LOVE the autumn wreath...darling. Good to find you.
    XX Emily from EL Vintage

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