Saturday, October 30, 2010

SUNDAY DIY! Wire No-tie Headband!

yes, today is Saturday! BUT tomorrow is Halloween, so I had to get this DIY in earlier (haha yes, this is my lame excuse, for how excited I was to share this DIY with you) Lets get started!
You will need: Pretty fabric, wire (I'm pretty sure I used 18 gauge), jewelry tools, scissors, measuring tape, needle and thread, sewing machine. Optional: newspaper or regular paper.
1: Measure your head and add some extra length. Mine was around 80cm or so.
2: Now this is optional. I'm a newbie sewer, so I took some paper, folded it in half and made it look how I want to fabric to look. 
3: Then cut it out! Make sure your cutting the bad side!
4: Then fold your piece right sides to right sides.
5: Then pin it together!
6: Next sew it all up and leave an opening in the middle!
7: Take your wire, and measure the final product of your fabric, and double it. Fold your wire in half and twist it.
8: With your tools, curl the ends so it doesn't poke through or hurt you.
9: Turn inside out, so the right sides are showing. Then put your wire in!
10: Finally sew it up!
To wear it, just wrap it around your head and twist at the top a few times. It will stay put all day. Then when your done wearing it just straighten out the wire.
p.s. I have some news for you tomorrow!


  1. This is SO CUTE!!!! I've been in a total headband mood lately. I'm definitely going to have to make this now!

  2. This is so adorable! I've going through all your posts, I'm just so in love!

    Would it be alright if I did this craft for my blog? I'd link you as the inspiration!

  3. Do you know of anywhere you can purchase already made ones like this? They are so cute and convenient, I just never have time to make one!


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