Saturday, October 16, 2010

Various Amounts of News! :)

I have some fairly exciting news! 
1: I am so happy to see the response on the Promo 4 Promo, already we've done about 5 or 6 posts, and everyone is so awesome, its really exciting to learn all this new stuff about people

2: I have been a busy blogger, I have been guest blogging! For Katie, at Punk Projects. Right here, its a DIY so you most likely will want to check it out, if not your pretty crazy! And soon to come, I will be blogging for Kam a.k.a. Campfire Chic! I love guest blogging, its so fun! Be on the lookout!

3: And about the contest button you may have noticed. I'm still keeping you in suspense, and I'm just trying to figure it all out. It most likely will be around beginning of December-ish! So you just have to wait!

4: I would also like to mention, that you can STILL be apart of the Promo 4 Promo, just click here and leave a comment with your blog address. :) 

5: Pheww, theres a lot! I am also have a games night tonight at my house. So excited. Did I mention there Lebanese food involved? ha, gotcha! (i don't really know what about though, that phrase seemed fitting.)

6: AND lastly, I've been working on a little video to show you. Its my pup, Ginger! 

I'll show you tomorrow!
Elle, (like the new nickname, Lauren, doesn't have to many nicknames! :( )
p.s. there wont be a DIY this weekend, now before you make that "ugh" face (i know it is pretty disappointing) I have done 2 DIYS this week! TWO! all my creative juices are gone!

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  1. hello lovely! My friend Lindsay made a feather pen cozy from your tutorial, I didn't know if you read her blog or not, so I thought I would share it with you!



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