Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bloggers Bash: Elizabeth from Adam and E.

becoming british.

there are a few things i've learned since moving to this lovely place called england.
people {back in the states} often ask me what it's like living over here or if i feel more british...
well, i would like to pass these things i've learned to you. 
think of them as tips.
tips on blending in.

{1}. when in doubt fake a british accent. 
words like strawberry pronounce like "straw'bree".

{2}. NEVER ask where the bathroom/restroom is. 
if you REALLY have to go then ask:
I need to nip to the loo. Do you know where it might be?
Do you know where the toliets are?
yes, i know TOLIET sounds dirty but people over here think a restroom is a place where you literally rest and a bathroom is where you keep the tub. 

{3}.  the brits invented the term "tailgate".
even though i refuse to drive over here i guess it wouldn't really matter because everyone over here drives like a maniac. 
hitting speed bumps {traffic calmers as the brits call it} as hard as possible.
speed limit? don't think so. if you are moving too slow then pray that the person behind you doesn't take your bumper off trying to pass you.

{4}. use their lingo.
say things like: 
uni, lorry, flat, mash, chips, fizzy pop, telly, bank note, anti-clockwise, ect.
DON'T say things like:
y'all, dollar bill , counter-clockwise, zucchini,  cotton candy, umbrella, trunk, diaper.

{5}.  don't leave a tip.
unless you're at a really nice restaurant people don't tip. crazy, right?!? i'm from the south so southerners ALWAYS tip. everywhere. people over here just don't think that you should should.

so there you have it. 5 tips just for you to better yourself on blending into the british culture.  i hope these tips help you! cheerio my loves! 

mudge love.
Go Check out her blog, its so wonderful!! right here!


  1. Wow. I love this. Great tips to help blend in where ever your travels take you. I will definitely use these the next time I go to Mexico. That and learn Spanish fluently.

  2. elizabeth is s sweet heart! I was lucky enough to meet her before she moved to england :D i'm loving this blog bash!!

  3. Haha this really made me laugh! I love it :)

  4. I just gave you an award over on my blog!!

  5. This is a little funny. I am English but lived in America for a while so had to do the opposite of most of your tips.
    There was a couple of vital words you missed: Trash Can=Bin, BandAid=Plaster


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