Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bloggers Bash: Katelyn from The World is a Pearl

Usually I make a Wednesday Playlist of my current favorite songs, new songs I like, or songs stuck in my head, but this is a playlist of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE SONGS!
By the way, this is really hard for me. I have such an eclectic taste in music and I like so many songs it is hard to choose!
(Title is link to the video)
I first heard this song on some dancing show several years ago and ever since this song has been one of my favorites and everytime it plays I either have to dance or sing to it.
Excellent advice for life ("nobody said it was easy"), although most Coldplay songs are like that
A more recent favorite but I have already listened to it so much I think it is forever printed inside my head. It's a great song to drive/rock out to in the car.
So this song was popular before I was even born, but I still like it. It's a great song to practice your air guitar on. One time my mom caught me during a solo.
So cute! This is the first song I learned on the guitar (real, not air).
Techno! Need I say more? Oh! And they are French so that's neat- I'm learning French.
Not really sure why I like this song, but I do know I like the background music!
I first heard this on the credits of 17 Again, and I fell in love. Love their accents, and it's so fun to play on Band Hero.
 This is the song that introduced me to Kate Nash and started and epidemic. Any of her songs are amazing, this is just my favorite and the most fun to sing along to
This song was my ringtone in, like, 6th grade. But I am crazy, so it suits me and it is also fun to belt out.
I absolutely love the meaning of this song from Look at it! It's beautiful!
JACK JOHNSON! He is a guitar master. (As you can tell I love guitars).
Listen to the words. Live by them.
Another song with meaning, I like songs to mean something.
Random songs on my iPod:
My all-time favorite music video:
If you have not seen it watch it now. Right now. It is so amazing, it inspires me to try it out but I would probably not even be half as good as what they do in it.
Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed and that you will check out the songs!
Let me know your favorites, or if any of these are your favorites!
By Katelyn


  1. i love the video for Here it goes again :) GENIUS! Great post! xoxo.

  2. I've seen the video when I was flying in the airplane, it is pretty great. Nice post :)


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