Sunday, November 7, 2010

DIY SUNDAY: Cassette Tape Decor

hi everyone, so for this weeks tutorial its all about cassette tapes! I love the look of how retro and funky cassettes are, but they all seem to be pretty boring and colorless. So lets add our own color.
You'll need: Paint, Cassette Tapes, Sharpies, some wall Nails, Tape and a Paint Brush
1: With your tape, tape off an area. Unless you have a really steady hand, and aren't a perfectionist like me!
2: Then paint it with a color of your choice!
3: Continue, with the rest of your cassettes.
4: Next you'll want to paint the backs of your cassettes, that way you can switch the design regularly.
5: With your sharpies, get creative and design what ever the heck you like. i love woodgrain!
Then with your nails, put two directly under and over each cassette. And there you go! sorry for the bad quality photo!
what do you think about red hair? I would get it more on the brown side, but still.
if you make this, let me know in the comments below, I'd love the see pictures!


  1. Love this idea! Its looks like so much fun! Now I have to go find some cassette tapes.

    I absolutely love the red hair!! Red hair is so much fun! You are beautiful as always.

    Have a wonderful day!

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  3. i LOVE LOVE LOVE this! i was literally in a thrift store two days ago and found some old tapes for 10 cents each! when i played them, they turned out to be ruined, but thanks to you, i now have a way to use them! thanks for the inspiration :)

  4. This is an awesome idea Lauren! I featured it in my make it monday post. :)

    btw, your new hair color is lovely! My sister has naturally red hair.

  5. no!! not Dionne Warwick!! She's a must-save. Classic <3 Lol.

  6. Love it!! But why not hang it from the inner circles?


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