Sunday, November 14, 2010

DIY SUNDAY: Pinecone Wreath!

Christmas is approximately 40 days away, give or take! and that means decorations! one of the BEST decorations are wreaths, everyone can see them when they drive by! Which is why you've gotta have a cheery wreath :) just like this one!
You'll need: Pinecones, a cardboard ring, hot glue gun, some wire, ribbon and beads(which is optional)
1: Start by taking the stems off the pincones so the glue will stick better.
2: Next, glue on all of your pinecones! make sure they're really close together!
3: Make a hole for the wire to go in. make sure not to cover it up with pinecones!
4: Make a loop and slip it through the hole, and twist above it.
5: Take the ribbon of your choice and make a bow, and glue it on to the bottom of your wreath
6: optional* add beads to cover the cardboard showing.
oh its so jolly, and Christmas-y. lovely :)
You should really join the Mix N' Match Craft Challenge, its going to be a blast!!!!
happy creating!
p.s. yes I'm aware i spelt pine CONE wrong about fifty times. im human!


  1. We have tons of pine cones laying around in our yard, this would be fun to do with my daughter! Thanks for sharing!

  2. this is so awesome. I seriously can't wait for Christmas.

  3. beautifull post :) i'm new on blogger and from now i'm your follower:) if you want to follow me this is the url : xoxo

  4. that is a wonderful idea!
    love that you added beads too.

  5. Awesome job lady! It's so cute & festive :-)


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