Friday, November 5, 2010

fancy friday!

first off let me start by thanking all the lovely ladies who guest blogged for me! it was a blast! I'd loved seeing everyones posts, and different writing styles. Secondly. Fancy Friday! I feel like I haven't done it in AGES, and i've missed it!
1: These adorable pears Ornaments! pears are my favorite, so how could I not love 'em! etsy
2: the cutest Halloween costume EVER! (yes Halloween is long gone, but come on! this is the best!) via whipped cream on top

3: oh so beautiful. anything with wings, is a-okay in my books! via etsy
4: tea. its starting to get chilly here, a good cup o' peppermint tea, shall solve that! via wehearit
5: this movie. I'm only half way through it right now, but its adorable! via IMDB
6: This adorable blog with an adorable name! check it out, and follow, its so cute! hello mint
7: YOU RIGHT THERE. Reading this! your the best!


  1. Aww! Thanks for sticking our pic up Lauren, you're the best!!

  2. Thanks for the great compliment Lauren! You are so cute! Hope you have a good weekend!


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