Thursday, November 25, 2010

round one winner! round two items!

time for round 2 everyone! i must say i was SUPER impressed with all the creativeness, and the Christmas spirit! l-o-v-e- it! Now lets announce the winner of Round one!
The Winner is (drum role please): Christine and her Owl! (2 points)

The Runners (yes we had two)  up was: Alexa and Kate (1 point each)

And the fastest Person to Send in Their Picture: Katie (1 point)

Now for Round two, a lot of people said Round One was hard, (which i will admit, it was) so I decided to go a bit easier!
Item One: Fabric
Item 2: Buttons
Item 3: Ribbon
Now get creating! 
p.s. congrats to the winners! :)


  1. yay! thanks everyone and thanks Lauren! this is so fun!!!

  2. Congratulation to the winners!

    I started the next challenge but I am afraid I will be unable to finish in time. Maybe I can incorporate it into the next challenge.

    Good luck to all who are participating in this one! Can't wait to see what everyone has created :)


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