Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 in a matter of minutes!

its time for a recap of the entire year! this post is inspired by the lovely Naomi of Rock star Diaries. it was so fun to go through her whole year in a matter of minutes, especially because I'm a relatively new reader of hers. And now you can read about my year in a few minutes or more.
3,2,1 Blast off!

January: I watched Julie and Julia (the inspiration behind starting my blog), Brainstormed names for my blog (one, which came close was Gravity's Owl, but I love pears!)
February: Started my blog and did my first ever post (oh its so embarrassing), My first ever DIY posted
March: Planned out the blog schedule (which, has drastically changed), did the first ever theme day on hats, the first ever Friday Love, found this really sweet story that I had to share, made my first cowl
April: got hooked on art journalling with the tell your story art journalling class, more of my art journalling pages
May: I did a blog feature on Lane from My Lovely Little Suitcase, started a crocheted blanket (which I still haven't finished), found the cowboy boots I was looking for

June: my garden grew A LOT, we went on a road trip,
July: started my vintage sunglasses collection, second pair, made my first beret, leather feather earrings DIY, held my first Giveaway! reached my 100th post with 13 followers (wow has the perfect pear family ever grown, ahh, it makes me so happy), made a light box, figured out how to make a blog button,
August: made some lovely earrings, did a whats in my purse post,
September: won another blog award!, found my love for indie music, made a Poppy Ring DIY, made a wire tree charm
October: made THE mustache shirt, did an absolutely unforgettable photoshoot! my first ever freebie, got an amazing response on the Promo 4 Promo! went to a pumpkin patch,
November: reached 100 followers! got my first vintage camera. love! started the Mix N Match Craft Challenge which was SOO much fun! did a bloggers bash with tons of guest blogging!
December: got hooked on quilling, there was a lunar eclipse, did my first outfit post, and CHRISTMAS happened! and now here we are!
welcome to 2011 (soon!)


  1. I dig it! We have lots in common!
    Enjoyed bumping into your blog! Happy New Year!

  2. I started a crocheted blanket like two years ago's not even close to being done. I'm much better at projects I can finish in an evening or two.

    I like your promo 4 promo idea...I'm in if you do it again!

    PS. I'm visiting from Lauren's blog...I'm sponsoring this month too so I thought I should visit the other sponsors. :)


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