Friday, December 17, 2010

Fancy Friday!

happy Friday everyone!
aren't these beautiful, i love the color! the best thing about them? they're edible, candy! learn how to make them here
who knew there was such a thing as a APPLE SPECTRUM! definitely a granny smith girl right here!
beyond creative pictures like these! this makes me want to find all the white sheets in the world and jump into them! see more here
very dainty, and pretty wire pears. you can actually buy the tutorial here! naturally, they would make it onto the Fancy Friday!
even your nails deserve to get into the Christmas spirit!
one: the prettiest tissue paper flowers ever!
two: prettiest string chandelier! (visit absolutely!)
three: terrarium centerpieces. lovely, just lovely.

have a spectacular weekend and day!


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  1. those candy gems are just lovely! I love these whimsical photos :) the snowflake fingernails are so cute!



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