Sunday, December 12, 2010

Glitter Ornament DIY!

i hope everyone is having a spectacular Sunday! my day was bursting with crafts, crafts and more crafts! I made two cowls, for Christmas presents and made a DIY for you lovely ones! I bet your wanting to get to the DIY right? ready, set GO!
This one is exceptionally easy, but really dainty and pretty!
Here's What You'll Need: an Ornament, some glue and glitter or just glitter glue and a pencil (if your a perfectionist, with a less than steady hand)
1: Start by designing your ornament, it can be what ever you want! below is my design!
2: Totally optional, but my glitter glue hadn't been used in YEARS!, so its a good idea to test it out, not to mention it looks pretty.
3: Go crazy with your glitter glue! so pretty!
3 easy steps is all it takes! get glittery!
remember to email me pictures, if you make any of my DIY's! 
p.s. get your votes in!, i'll announce the winner tomorrow!

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