Thursday, December 2, 2010

round 3 winners! the next three things!

its such a lovely pleasure seeing all the creative-ness, and now for round three winners!
Winner: Heather (2 points)

Runner Up: We once again, had two Runners Up! Christine and Katie! (1 Point)

Fastest Creator: Christine (1 Point)
Great Job Ladies! I've been getting lots of responses on how people have been missing out on the 3 things, so how would you like it if I emailed you and did a post? let me know!

here are the next three things:
Inspired by Christmas!
RED paper, GREEN paper, and WHITE paper |source|
who knows, maybe you can do the challenge and create a present!
p.s. next round will be REALLY good, so you'll definitely want to keep a look out for the three things


  1. Yay! I finally won one! Now I can die happy. :) But paper... hmmm...

  2. oooh, I like paper. :)
    congrats heather!

  3. Oh man! I love me some paper! ha. That would be great if you wanna email and post! Only if it's not extra work for you though.
    Congrats winners!


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