Monday, December 6, 2010

round four winners revealed!

so how is everyone liking the new blog layout?! personally, I'm loving it, its so much better, crisp and clean! how about you? leave a comment!
now on to the round four winners!
The Winner is: Katie (2 Point)

The Runner Up: Christine (1 point)
Fastest Crafter: Christine (1point)
Congratulations Ladies, everyone is so crafty! :)
Now time for the NEXT Three Things!
This one is all about your creativity!
SURPRISE! I've been planning this one for a while, and im pretty excited!
To showcase, what you like and feel comfortable making, you can use any thre items! I hope EVERYONE participates in this one. Use Anything and everything to create something you LOVE!
p.s. 119 :) you rock!
p.p.s. diy roundup, coming your way tomorrow!


  1. hi! thanks for watching my video...i can't WAIT to see your finished product when you make one. definitely send me photos or a link :)

  2. sorry I missed the sign-ups this looks fun!

  3. Did I miss-read the deadlinne? I'm sitting here for a couple days anticipating all the wonerful goodies, so did we have extra extra time? I can hardly contain my excitement anymore!! With such free-for-all, I am imagining incredable things! Can't wait until they are released for our votes!


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