Wednesday, January 12, 2011

|a few things|

well there are a few things I would like to mention!
first off! a big thank you to all the ladies who suggested hot water, lemon and honey for soar throats! it worked like a charm. |source|
second: I realized that I forgot post, and mention a DIY I did over at Divine Chaos! go check it out.
three: I'm doing Project 365 and I'd love to share some of my pictures with you so far. (that'll be in a post to come)
fourth: I made a granny square cowl. two of my favorite things
fifth: I found another indie band I'm in love with. they're called the bird and the bee. this is my favorite song!
sixth: its snowy here. like really snowy.

well that's all for now! have a spectacular day!


  1. your granny square cowl looks super cute & cozy!! :)
    xo, Katie

  2. Hello, I'm a new follower of your blo and I love it! Just wanted to say Hi! :)

  3. i love your cowls! if you don't mind me asking, where do you get your patterns, or do you come up with them yourself?

  4. and pretty snow pic!

    off now to check out your diy! xoxo

  5. hope you are feeling better from your sorethroat!

    hot honey lemon really soothes the throat! I drink that when I'm sick too! thumbs up (:


  6. Woohoo for feeling better! I love your snow photo, it's been snowy like that here too!
    xo Shannon


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