Monday, January 24, 2011

Perfect Pear Blog Survey Results!

hello friends! so remember this blog survey?
Well, here are the results!
  • 25/26 People Voted for DIY, which doesn't surprise me at all!
  • 9/26 people wanted to see my Daily Life!
  • 9/26 wanted to see outfit posts, which I will be doing every so often
  • 14/26 people wanted to see my Latest Adventures (ex. wanting to learn to knit). I'm so happy about this one because I've been wanting to me a "Teach me to do____" series. That shall be coming soon
  • 12/26 people voted for photography! Lovely!
  • 12/26 people voted for Lists, Dreams and To-Do's, those are always fun!
  • 15/26 would love to see Inspiration, Etsy finds etc.. I LOVE THESE!
  • 6/26 voted for Friday Love
  • 9/26 people voted for Cooking. mmmm

Thanks to Everyone who voted, you just added a little piece to the perfect pear! And welcome new followers!
p.s. I'm super excited about my new series! I hope you are too

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