Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Avocado Recipes

Gosh, it sure feels like its been a while! Well, I'd like to introduce a new 'series', one that is really quite tasty. Hint, Hint. Without further adieu. Every week or so, there will be one post solely dedicated to one ingredient. Since we ALL love to eat, there will be many recipes all including this one ingredient! Pretty delicious right? Avocados is our ingredient for today. Why you might ask? That's a question even I cant answer.
pretty self explanatory I think. Interesting? I must give it a try. |source|
I bet this is SO creamy! recipe and picture |source|
I NEVER would have guessed avocado in a cake. Would you? no recipe, its just eye candy |source|
now this is something I could have EVERY day! picture and recipe |source|
found what I'm making for dinner tonight! picture and recipe |source|
hope that has given you a few ideas for that avocado sitting in your fridge! 
Tonight I plan on making something delicious, watching some TV, doing some crafting and listening to music. I fine day by me!


    i am excited to try some of this!
    I am looking forward to seeing what is next in this series ;)

  2. Nice one! I love avocados too and that avo & tomatoe melt looks AMAZING. I am loving you blogs new look too!
    M x

  3. Oooh, I've been wanting to do something with avocados for a while, thanks for posting!


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