Sunday, February 27, 2011

Promo 4 Promo is BACK! p.s. happy blogaversary to The Perfect Pear!

here's what I'm thinking. I know, as bloggers we ALL love our blogs being promoted. We just want people to read our stuff right?! So I'm thinking if you leave a comment I will dedicate an entire post to your blog. The catch is, that you have to do the same thing! but you cant just do "here is the Perfect Pear followed by a link" that doesn't give any sense about the blog and most people wont click the link. Not the point here guys!

It doesn't matter if you have 5 followers of 500! there's nothing to loose. So leave a comment, with a link to your blog, and if you want the post to say anything special. Email me (check the left sidebar for details)!
Last season Promo 4 Promo was a big hit and now I'm super excited to be bringing it back! 
I hope everyone is having a magical Sunday!
yes, I did just sneak in a picture of my pooch!
p.s. today is my blogaversary! my heart goes out to EVERY single one of you! honestly, you guys always make my day!


  1. Oh, I think this is the best idea ever! What a sweet thing to do to promote friends...I've been kind of down because my following has kind of stalled, so maybe this will help a lot! Yes, I'll do it!
    P.S. I've had you in my reader for a long time and I love your blog! So, Happy Blogaversary!!

  2. I love this idea!! I'm in!!!
    Happy Blogaversary!!!

  3. Great idea!! my blogiversary is in march! I love the pic of your pooch :)

  4. Very cool idea. I'm a new follower to your blog and rally enjoy your craftiness! <3

  5. Such a good idea! :) This will be so much fun!

  6. Happy blogiversary! This is a great idea and i was so sad i missed the last one. This is way fun!

  7. Love this idea! What a great way to get to know fellow bloggers! :)

  8. Hi! Happy blog-day :)
    I did the promo (sort of) on my blog. Here's the link :)
    ps. your pics are hilarious! =)

  9. Can I still get in on this? It's an awesome idea! :D Plus I could use a bit of promotion for my Etsy shop, which is opening soon! :D

  10. Hey Lauren-
    I blogged you today!


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