Friday, April 22, 2011

12 Days of Easter // {Cookie Treats}

Hello fellow bloggers! e here from adam&e and i would like to share a fun way to make some easter cookies. i've had a sweet tooth lately and my cookies just haven't been sweet enough... until this happened: icing+sprinkles= BEST COOKIES EVER!
cookie dough.
easter/spring cookie cutters.
food coloring.
white icing.
plastic bags.

::step one:: roll out cookie dough and cut it out with your most fave cookie cutter. 
::step two:: bake.
::step three:: as SOON as the cookies come out of the oven use the cookie cutters again to reshape the cookies. this is a very important step if you want your cookies looking in tip top shape!
::step four:: mix white icing with food coloring.
::step five:: scoop icing in the corner of plastic bag and cut the very tip.

::step six:: squeeze the icing out of the bag and start decorating  your cookies! don't forget to grab the sprinkles! 
::step seven:: EAT YOUR CREATIONS!!!

thanks for tuning in today! if you would like to check out more you can check me out here...
and thanks Lauren for featuring me on your bloggie! 
mudge love.


  1. Ah! LOVE Easter cookies! I always make some to take to the big picnic we have with sweet family and friends! Decorating might be my favorite part... or it could be eating the cookie dough ;-) Yours look so yummy! Thanks for stopping by my blog, Lauren! I'm Shannon :) It's lovely to meet you! Oh, go to target! They have TONS of lovely tights, that's where I found mine!


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