Thursday, April 21, 2011

12 Days of Easter // Spring Decorating

Hello lovelies! My name is Melisa and I run a little blog called Pie N' the Sky! Today I thought I'd share with you a little piece of me^_^ Since it's spring and all, and I'm moving out for the summer, I figured I'd do a little room tour and share with you some tips on decorating on a budget!!

This is my desk area. Above my desk I've created my inspiration wall, which I constantly add to. It helps me focus when creating and not focus when I need to work. hehe. It's a good thing I do most of my homework sitting on my bed. This is a really great decoration if you're on a budget, since the clipboards are only 3 dollars each and I took most of the pictures from catalogs or magazines I had laying around^_^ 

This is the view above my closets. Those poms are the perfect accent to a simple yet sweet room! I used one pack of tissue paper for each pom and I bought all of the colors at Target for .99 each! I actually did a tutorial on my blog if you'd like to learn how to make them! My sweet little shelf    should be mounted, but I thought it looked pretty hanging out on top there^_^ OH and there in the back you may notice some of my yarn; I turned kitchen mixing bowls as well as cauldrons into yarn holders. I like that they're mismatched and once I have a home I can actually use them for their real purpose. Until then it's fun to use them to store yarn!

I love love my Liberty of London quilt and I love even more that it reminds me of how wonderful Spring is! I find a lot of my decorations at antique malls or other vintage stores. I love having one of a kind pieces and constantly adding to collections I already have. My suitcases are probably my most favorite vintage pieces.

I have this lovely little collection of photobooth photos above my entertainment center. It's the perfect decoration! I love photos and I love change so the fact that this collection is ever-growing makes me happy. AND they don't require any frames. They're simple and sweet.

Spring Cleaning is always fun and it's fun to start from scratch. I love love changing up my room and I find that cleaning up and giving/getting rid of things I don't need, makes me feel pretty great! I find that simplicity is the best environment for creativity and inspiration. Hope this helped you and if you decide to do a home tour of your own, you should leave a link. Thanks for letting me say hi!

xo. Melisa


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