Sunday, April 10, 2011


I have a very special announcement! Well, The Perfect Pear is now accepting sponsors! This is something I've dreamt about ever since I started my blog, and I made a 'promise' to myself, that when I reached 200 followers I would have sponsor spots, so here I am! 200 readers and all!
I would really love you forever if you sponsored my blog! The Perfect Pear has grown into something incredibly crafty, creative and friendly, that would be great exposure for your blog, business or shop!
Blogging has become such a huge part of my life, and by you sponsoring, you keep my dreams alive and going! (I know that sounds cheesy, but honestly!) 
I'm always dreaming about the goals I have as a blogger, and my very creative life/ future! 
So I'd really love to hear from you shoot me an email! there's not really all that much more to tell you, other than, The Perfect Pear, is a great friendly community!

 I get lots of traffic each day, which means lots of exposure for you too! for ALL the details, click here
happy happy days! 

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  1. congratulations on reaching your goal, you do have a fab blog xxx


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