Thursday, June 9, 2011

Laurens Guide to >> a little thing called Crafters Block!

correct me if I'm wrong, but crafters block is really troublesome. That moment where you think to yourself, "I'm so not inspired to do anything". here's my little guide to overcoming this, (its usually what I do)
#1 Music
one word will do. happy! i suggest this mix. its perfect
#2 Movies.
Pretty vintage, happy, just those movies that make you feel warm and fuzzy
#3 Get away from the Computer.

Seriously, stay away.
#4 The Library

Since you're being so good about not touching your computer, you'll need somewhere to get that inspiration flowing! I say hit the books. Craft section please
#5 Food


whole-hearted, healthy food'll do the trick. green kitchen stories is a must read foodie blog.
#6 be YOU!
just be positive, remember the things you love and you'll be back to your blogging, crafting NO time!
have other "suggestions", do tell me! leave a comment!


  1. i always get inspired by organizing my supplies, pulling everything out and looking at it will spark something :)
    love the photos in the post - especially that gorgeous library :)

  2. I just ride it out! There's no other way ^_^

  3. Haha #3 is so true. I keep wanting to make things, and then get busy online and suddenly my free few hours that day have mysteriously disappeared!

  4. Great suggestions! I've had some knitting block lately, and I think hitting the library is a good plan. I usually feel great if I take a long walk outside, too.

  5. I'm definitely suffering from crafters block at the moment, im home from uni for the summer so ive got all this free time to craft, but no ideas!
    But these are good suggestions to get me going again x

  6. I have to go out to a coffee shop and just not think about things for a while. Then somehow out of no where, an idea appears!
    I just found your blog and I am in love :)


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