Wednesday, July 20, 2011

gerty the birdy ♡

About two days ago I was out gardening when a little bird decided to join me. She was a curious one and not afraid of people at all! It was pretty incredible how trusting she was. This is her, I named her Gerty!
Like Gertrude but Gerty for short! Seems like the perfect bird name "Gerty the Birdy"
Pretty cute right? 

Do you have any bird stories?


  1. omg that's awesome!!!! i want to meet gertyyy the birdyyy! hahaha nice name btw! <3
    I don't have bird stories, but I sure have duck and cat stories :)

  2. Oh so adorable! She has you tagged as a little friend, too, doesn't she? I've seen squirrels do that in the wild, but not a bird. :) My nephew had a parakeet that used to sit at the dinner table with them. Haha!

  3. wow i have never seen a bird get that close to a person before! that's really sweet! i love the name - so cute!

  4. We had a dove nest in my dads garden last year. We used to pick up the babies when they were older... other than that though, they pretty much just poop on me. :[

  5. Oh wow! that is one friendly bird!! That is so cuuuuute!!!!

  6. seriously, Gerty is the cutest bird ever!!

    We have a squirrel that lives in our backyard.. He's special. Instead of sitting in the tree, he lays at tghe bottom of it. ;)

    xo, Katie

  7. AMAZING! I <3 Birds and this would be just too much for me to handle, I'd be geeking out like crazzzzzzyyyyyy! Love it!

  8. i cannot BELIEVE how close you got to this bird. this week i saw a raven and i find them so fascinating so i tried to get super can probably guess that it didn't work

  9. Holy cute! You're like Snow White - with all those animal charming powers ;)


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