Wednesday, July 27, 2011

a jumble of things

hi friends! I wanted to share some of the things I've been up to! I've been making a lot of jewelry, 1. for the shop and 2. because I will be putting them in a local store! very exciting right?!
also, have been making some bubble tea AT HOME! more on that later!
what have you been up to?
much love, Lauren


  1. i LOVE those sunglasses so much, and i love the jewelry too! great post!

  2. i love the feather jewelry! bubble tea is so delicious - i'd love to learn how to make it!

  3. lovely shots. Nothing in my garden is growing...just some flowers, boo!

  4. so many lovelies! great jewelry! you must tell me how to make bubble tea..I've never seen it sold anywhere around here :) -Lo

  5. what a great post! love the leather earrings! please tell about your potatoes.....did you grow them in the ground or in a container?

  6. That is a gorgeous pair of sunglasses. Love the feather jewelry, too.


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