Sunday, August 7, 2011

Not Your Typical Road Trip Food!

One of my all time favorite parts about going on road trips is the food! It all just gives me an excuse to buy something delicious, yet oh-so-unhealthy, because I think "its a holiday" or "iIprobably wont be coming back here very soon, so I better have it now"! I have kind of a love for sandwich's, and not just the simple ham and cheese (although I do love those), the delicious, decadent ones that make you say "how can there be so much flavour in a sandwich?!"
So here are some pictures of the food I've been eating while on our road trip!
Eeep so yummy!  Filled with bacon, mozzarella, lettuce, herbs and so much more! heaven right?
And to top it all off, a tasty carrot cake covered with cream cheese icing! what could be much better?
Finally some blueberries for the ultimate road trip snack!
xo, Lauren


  1. Yum! That sandwich looks delicious. I absolutely love going out to new places and trying different sandwiches.

  2. ohh my goodness that food looks so good!

  3. Hello! This is my first time here, I actually found this blog via so---hi. You have such an adorable layout and posts too. All of those road trip snacks look delicious, especially the carrot cake :). Anyway, hope you're having a nice weekend, & feel free to check out my blog/tumblr if you'd like!

    xx. renee


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