Wednesday, September 28, 2011

say hello to the sponsors!

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Arent they all so fabulous?!
much love, Lauren


  1. I really love them all but especially The Letter 4. I live in Texas and my sister lives in California, so I know what it's like missing your sister and other half :)

  2. I love love love your blog Lauren!! It is too cute :) Okay, so I checked out each of your sponsors and here's what I love about each:

    Chaning Lnaes - I love her photo editing to make all of her pictures look vintage (soo cool!!)
    Rolled Up Pretty - I love her funny, quirky, and sweet writing (she's hilarious!)
    Christa.Jae - I love her simplistic, clean, and cute blog, and plus she's an amazing photographer and graphic designer!
    All Things Remembered - I love her cheddar potato soup recipe she posted (yum!)
    adelynSTONE -I love her honest writing and her cute etsy shop!
    So, hi - I love rach; she's super funny and has such cute beauty posts!
    Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard - I love her funny and quirky writing and the name of her blog (cute story!)
    The Letter 4 - I looove the idea of doing a sister blog (too cute!) and their signatures at the end of each post!
    Scissor Quirk - I love her awesome DIY ideas for sewing and other cute crafts!

    I am now following all of these blogs! They are so cute :) Thanks Lauren!!


  3. Thanks so much for the blog love lauren! I love what you did with all the pictures soooo cute!

  4. Hey!
    I recently came across your lovely blog from so--hi sponsers tab...following you! We would love to win a medium sponser spot on your beautifully creative blog! Following all of the other great blogs thanks to you! x

    What I love about:
    Changing lanes: I love how her blog is so unique, creative, and i love how the layout of her blog looks amazing while the content of the blog is also really good!
    Rolled up pretty: I love the bloggers sense of humour, and how that makes the blog so interesting to read!
    Christa.Jae: i love the layout of this blog, simple but effective. I love reading all her quirky finds and love her photos!
    all things remembered: for some reason, the link you put on your blog won't let me see her blog, i even searched it on google but it will not let me open the website! :( so sorry..
    adlelynSTONE: I love the photos she posts on her blog-they are AMAZING, and i love her style of creativity. i also love how she mentions in one post tips of starting a blog, and they really helped me!
    so--hi: This is actually how i came across your blog, through this website. I love how rach's blog is super duper creative for the layout, i love how her DIYS are really useful and helful and i love her blog name! its so random but cool!
    yellow bird yellow beard:i love how all the illustrations on this blog look so lovely and cute, like something you would buy at a shop!
    the letter 4-i love all the illustrations-so vintage and cute!
    Scissor Quirk: I love this artsy craftsy blog with all the creative' Do it yourselfs' ideas and i love how its so creative and crafty!

    hope you can consider my blog
    thank you for reading this!



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