Sunday, September 4, 2011

tie dye!

I finally made some tie dye! eek, brings back such nostalgic memories! :)
I made this using the "sweet verbena" concept. except I didn't use the same glue and I just tie dyed it instead of one solid color! fun right?
so many pretty colors! 
stay yound wild and free my friends! :)
xo, Lauren


  1. LOVE it girly!! I am all for tye dye anything :)))

  2. you did it yourself? wow. clever clog! ive always wanted to try! spill how!

    katrina from

  3. Looks so cute! I love tie dye because it's different everytime.

  4. @ Lindsay. thanks :) I could tie dye so much, life would be so colorful!
    @ Katrina= yesss, i did it myself! Its super easy, just look online, there are so many diys!
    @Elanor= thanks elanor! :) i totally agree, thats was so magical about it

  5. This is sooo cool! "Young, Wild and Free" so true! :)

  6. you crazy lady! you beat me to it! I have bought some dye and some. . . wait for it. . . CURTAINS! thats right Im going to have some tie dye curtains. . . in pink, blue and yellow! LOVE it . . Im obsessed with tie dye at the moment. xx


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