Wednesday, October 5, 2011

BG Maker // It'll get addicting!

The other day I was taking a look around the web for a background maker! I love to use them as overlays in photos or backdrops, you know all that fun stuff. I cam across this one, its the best & most addicting maker I've seen in quite a while!
You could have so many swell backgrounds its not even funny! The possibilities are endless! 
Give it a try, tell me what kind of backgrounds you made!


  1. those look awesome! i wanna try :)

  2. Once patterns are involved, you lose hours on them!

    Looks like you had a blast!


  3. Umm You are fabulous! Just found your blog. LOVE.

  4. This was so great! I looked it up and gave it a shot, and it really is so addicting. I'm half in the process of making a woodgrain one right now, actually! Thanks for sharing the site :)
    <3 Linda


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