Thursday, October 13, 2011

Colored Tip French Manicure >> DIY

I think its the first time I've done a "beauty" DIY and quite frankly, I love painting my nails! I've always loved a good at-home french manicure, I mean its just so classic! So here's a DIY to make your classic french manicure even more class with a touch of flare!
 note: If you have more rounded nail tips, this would be a good place to use your scissors to round them out.
How simple was that?! Pretty too!
have a request for a DIY? email me!


  1. I tried this once, but I used electrical tape, it did not turn out this good! I love the colors. I'm a big fan of colorful nails. Currently sporting some dark purple opalescent nails.

  2. I think i have that same mint colour on my nails a this very moment! Love it :)


  3. wow! this is really really pretty! i will have to try this look soon!

  4. So pretty ! :))

    I wanted to ask, what do you use for editing your photos, they look so good :)

    - Ronja.

  5. TOTALLYworked luv it!!!!sooooooo adorable

  6. I'll have to try this with my new set of Summer colours :)

    love your blog by the way, it's very friendly.

    ps; I dare you to try galaxy nails :)



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