Sunday, October 30, 2011

How-To: Buns 3 Ways

Buns are just about my all time favorite way to do my hair! I just think they're so cute and spunky all at once, sometimes they're the perfect touch to any outfit! I've gotten to be pretty good at them since I'll wear my hair in a bun at least twice a week. These are my three favorite ways! 
 One: start as is you were going to put your hair in a pony tail, but don't actually. Two: then start to make a pony and when you have a few tails at the end, twist your elastic and put it up in a bun. Three: pull strands of hair to make it messier. tuck any fly-aways back into the elastic. 
 One: put your hair on the very top of your head. Two: wrap your hair around your finger while still holding it with the rest of your fingers. Three: put the elastic on!
 One: again, start by putting your hair up as if you were doing a pony tail. Two: bunch it up into a little "loop" type thing. Three: secure with your elastic. leave it like that or gently tug and pull a little for more volume!
oh they're all so cute! go rock that bun!


  1. Love these. A high messy bun is my favorite hairdo. :) And if I had hair half as pretty as yours I'd probably love it even more. haha!

  2. very cute! love the how tos!!

  3. Spending most of my childhood with my hair slicked into the perfect ballet bun, it took me a long time to embrace the messy ones - but now I'm such a fan! I like no. 2 the best and your hair is SO pretty!

  4. thanks so much for the tips! my hair isnt as lovely as yours, but i wish it was!


  5. That last bun is phenomenal! Im going to practice in the mirror- NOW! What an easy go to when you don't have time! Thanks!!!

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  6. I'm really liking that first one... my hair is really thick though, so when I put it up into a bun the sides sag :( Do you happen to know of a way to get it to stop doing that? Because I'd love to try those buns!

    <3 Linda

  7. I am so loving buns right now wearing my hair in one now

  8. I love these buns it's so simple and quick but that doesn't look like!
    Love, x


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