Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Q&A Post Answers!

Before we get to the answers I want to just thank everyone for all the questions! :)

For me, I've always found that the best way to bring traffic to your blog and essentially gain followers is to take interest in other people! I love discovering new blogs and leaving comments, it shows you like what they are doing, and usually they will click on your profile and check out your blog! The other way is to sponsor other blogs who have similar readers. But I still find the best way is through discovering other blogs!
I got sponsors by deciding that my blog had grown enough to introduce sponsoring to The Perfect Pear! Of course, there are no set rules as to when your "aloud" or "should" have a sponsorship program on your blog, it really depends on you and your blog!
For different blogs giveaways comes with the purchase of an ad space! So they buy a sponsor spot and they have the option to do a giveaway on my blog to gain more readers! Plus, who doesn't love free stuff!
Gosh, I love so many things, and hate very few! I love things like cameras, the perfect cup of tea, canned peaches, paper snowflakes, vintage brooches, cookies! You know the good stuff! I cant really think of anything I hate, other than (this is kind of gross) when you find like huge pieces of fat in your steak and stuff, but you probably didnt want to know that!
I blog because I love it. It has become such a huge part of my life, and I just love sharing DIY's with my readers. The feeling of teaching people new things each week makes me feel just warm and fuzzy inside! Plus I'm an unbelievably crafty lady so it helps me stay inspired and full of ideas! love.
I first started off using picnik, which was great, and I often still use it, its a great tool for beginners! But now I've been using photoshop more and more and its becoming less scary!
I'm a proud Nikon D5000 owner! 
That's a hard one, because I used to watch movies a lot! But I'd have to say it would be Air Bud, I loved any movies with animals in them, plus all the Disney movies were too scary for me! (crazy I know!)
Lighting! I would say definitely shoot near a window or outside is even better! (I secretly hate flash!) I also suggest looking at photos from different perspectives, look at the tiny details, and the things that make something special and unique!
To be honest, not really! It was my first time so I went with a wash out dye, so if things went bad I knew it would come out eventually, but if it went really bad I could always get it professionally dyed back!
I get my inspiration from a WHOLE bunch of places, other bloggers, stores, pinterest etc... I also keep a journal with me pretty much at all times, so if I have an idea, even a crazy one I right it down and possibly use it later!
A movie actually made me start blogging, Julie and Julia! Its about a girl who blogs and a fabulous lady who cooks! To make this story short, it inspired me, and voila, The Perfect Pear was born a few months later!
I would LOVE for blogging to be my full time job, I cant even tell you how much I would love that! But I would still love it just as much even if it was a hobby!
I think that's the most words in a post ever! I hope that answers everyones questions, if you have any others, please email me! I'd be happy to answer them!


  1. SO fun to get to learn a little bit more about you - thanks for sharing!
    Much love,

  2. I really enjoyed reading that. It's so fun to learn about other bloggers and I appreciate the tips for new bloggers (like myself).



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