Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Q&A Post // Your Chance to Ask Some Questions!

I've always wanted to do a Q&A post, and when I reached 500 readers I promised myself I'd do one!
So here it is! Feel free to ask me any kind of questions, like what kind of camera I use, editing program, favorite craft, or you could even ask what colour my socks are! You can also ask questions about specific posts if you like! Ask what ever your heart desires! Ask a question and leave it in the comments below! If I get enough questions I just might make a video response! 
Ask away!


  1. hi lauren,
    i love your blog! i am new to the blogging world - i was wondering if i could ask for some advice on how you are doing things and being awesomely successful?
    i only have 8 followers even though i get alot of daily hits. how do you get so many followers on your blog? also, i see that you have sponsors from websites. how did you get them to help you out? and how do you get companies to give you items for giveaways?
    my blog is hellohydrangea.blogspot.com - please check it out and give me some advice!
    thanks :)

  2. Maybe you can just say where you are, what do you love, hate and why do you blog? More personal stuff. I would like to know what editing software/camera you use too! Good luck you will rock it girl xo

  3. A bit of a silly one here.. what is your favorite childhood movie?

  4. i would love to know what your shooting your pictures with and what you edit with too! your images always look great! if you are using the amazing and expensive photoshop.....give us an option that is free or cheap, Please. Thanks!!!!

  5. I have three questions! :)
    1. same as the above people, I want to know your photography secrets! Shooting indoors and shooting in not-so-great light is not my thing, so any tips would be great.
    2. Were you scared to dye your hair red, or are you used to dying your hair often?
    3. Where do you get your inspiration for your DIYs? I have to say that's my #1 fave feature on your site!

    Thanks so much love!
    <3 Linda

  6. Hi Lauren! So fun to meet you and thanks for stopping by at my blog! You are so cute and your blog is great. I would love to know - what made you start blogging? And what keeps you going now? Do you want to keep it as a hobbie, or have it play into what you do for a living?
    Much love,


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