Thursday, December 29, 2011

GIVEAWAY! {Closed}

I'm so excited to introduce another giveaway for this month! Im totally in love with both of these things and am really excited to have a winner for each! Eeep so cute! Get commenting and discovering!
The oh so lovely Shanti of Sunshine Bliss Studios is giving away an absolutely adorable Reindeer Necklace valued at $35! How cute is it right?! Look at all those cute details!
Here's how to enter!
•You must leave a comment telling me your favorite item over at Sunshine Bliss Studios!
When leaving a comment please add a way to contact you!
• Extra Entry if you add her etsy to your circle!
Here's how to enter for this awesome giveaway! :)
• Leave a comment telling me your favorite thing about the new year!
• Extra entries if you visit their blog and can tell me the names of all four of the lovely ladies!
• Please leave a way to contact you when commenting!

The winner of the Necklace is Shannon
The winner of the large ad space is Drew


  1. Great giveaway! My favorite thing about the new year is the fresh start and it gets me excited to get back to planning for the future - now I just need to follow through with the plans!
    Much love,

  2. Omg! Your blog has the cutest cutest layout and background ever!!
    Thanks for dropping by & leaving the most wonderfully enthusiastic comment ever!

    xxx lots of love,

  3. Hi :) My favourite item is
    The best thing about the new year is that you can have the list with your resolutions and try to follow them from the beginning, to start evth again..
    The names: Jade, Julianna, Jamie, Janae
    Happy New Year!!

  4. So cute!!! I love new years! Because they are new! :D

  5. My favourite thing about the new year is making a new years resolution, and trying to keep it. So excited for this giveaway!

  6. my favourite thing of the new year is starting fresh :)

  7. Hi lovely! I love making a list of goals at the beginning of the new year, since I get to see what I've fulfilled at the end of it! (Btw, really loving the new layout, Lauren!)
    <3 Linda

  8. What a cute Etsy shop. Thank you for sending me their way. I always love to find new wonderful shops on Etsy. My favorite piece is the Simplicity Charm Bracelet.
    shannonweel (at) gmail (dot) com

  9. And I favorited their shop. :)

  10. My favourite piece at Sunshine Bliss Studios is Pinks Candy Drop Leather Wrap Bracelet. So fun and sparkly!

  11. I added her shop to my etsy circle (passthescissors).

  12. My favourite thing about the new year is how ripe with new beginnings it feels. It's a great time to get back on track. I'm really looking forward to trying the Clean program.

  13. The Letter 4 ladies are Julianna, Jamie, Janae, and Jade. Love them!

  14. I love that Reindeer necklace. I have a serious obsession with deer when it comes to the winter months! I also love her 'be the change' bracelets. So good! shinypigeon AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk

  15. What I love about new year's is that everything seems possible!

  16. My favorite item would have to be:
    Tree of Life & Owl Luv Luv Nature Charm Bracelet

  17. I've shown some etsy love cause they are fantastic designs. my favorite item would have to be Tree of Life & Owl Luv Luv Nature Charm Bracelet

  18. I love the Coppery Arrows of Luv Luv Necklace.

  19. I love the Seashore Charmed Living silver necklace! So cute!

  20. My favorite thing about the new year is a fresh start to creating and hopefully achieving goals/resolutions!

  21. The 4 Girls that make up The Letter 4 are Julianna, Jade, Jamie, and Janae!

  22. My favorite item from Sunshine Bliss is Be the Change Copper Yoga Bracelet! But that necklace sure is adorable! Anyways my email- I hope I win!

  23. Great idea for your giveaways!
    Sunshine Bliss ... my favorite is the Key to Peach Necklace ... this is very nice! I love the deer with the bird, too, btw.
    I would also love to win the advertisements on The Letter 4, (their names are: Julianne, Jade, Jamie, and Janae.) and plan to request advertising on it, and the Perfect Pear as well.
    I think these sites are amazing. I just tripped across them all after my cousin introduced me to Pinterest! I own a fundraising business ( and hope you will consider my advertisement. I see your dimensions are different than what I have available so I will be sending my request as soon as I have an ad and a special landing page for blog-readers put together.
    I'm really enjoying my first blogging venture reading everyone's wonderful inspirations. I knew these were out here, I just had never landed on such a way to find all of you!

  24. I won a giveaway from Miss Shanti already so I will let someone else snatch that. :) (By the way her stuff is AMAZING and I love my bracelet I got. I wear it all the time.)

    My favorite thing about the new year is all the determination people have. While it usually dwindles down as the year goes on, at the beginning EVERYONE is determined.

    <3 Ashlynn.

  25. I love her Be The Change Silver Bracelet Yoga Jewelry very much!



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