Wednesday, December 7, 2011

outfit // a short story + the patterned sweater

 A short story (haha thats punny!): So over the summer I bought these high waisted shorts that I had been wanting for a long, long time and I love them, I just haven't worn them, and after discovering lookbook (so much inspiration!) I decided I would wear them! So this is the outfit I wore on the weekend! It's not really all that "wintery" but I just had to wear them before it got WAY too cold!
Getting sick of this background yet? yea, me too! 
p.s. I'm in the mood to learn more about my readers, leave a comment and I'll check out your blog!


  1. Hi there! Love that comfy sweater <3
    I checked out that video you posted about the couple adopting an african girl, IT WAS SO CUTE! Thank you for posting it =]

    Hannah xoxo

  2. Okay, so that is a great outfit!

    I wear shorts all the time during the cool weather, my family and friends have finally just started to accept the fact that it is just going to happen.
    But, people give me looks all the time lol

  3. Love your style! I've been trying to get a pair of high waisted shorts, but I haven't found the right pair.

    And I actually love your background. I think it's super cool and consistent.

    <3 Ashlynn.

  4. Very cute! You pull it off wonderfully. I have been noticing all the little links and things you have been adding to your blog-- I like! Someday I'll figure out how to do all that fun stuff.

  5. So cute and fun. You look great.

  6. I love the shorts/legging combo.

    And love that you paired it with a nice Christmasy sweater!

  7. I love the high wasted shorts! I'm still looking for a great pair to own myself! And I love that most of your outfit were from thrifting! Gotta love thrifting!!!!

  8. I am new to your blog, but enjoying your posts very much. I'm actually new to blogging altogether and still trying to figure out just what I want my own blog to be like, but feel free to take a look if you like --

  9. I always wear shorts with thick tights when its cold - I swear its warmer than wearing jeans! Love the look (:

  10. That sweater looks super cozy!

    Roses are res violets are blue...

  11. Can you take me thrifting? My haul never looks that good! :)

  12. What a lovely outfit. I love how you tucked your sweater into the high-waisted shorts. The look simply rock! xo

  13. cute outfit :)



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